10 Ngaroto Drive, West Bendigo, VIC 3550


We provide a safe, comfortable environment for your pets when you're away. Our dedicated team cares for your furry friends as if they were our own. Cat boarding located in Bendigo.

Drop your precious fur kids off and pick them up the following day!

Our cat pens are fully air conditioned. We have recently renovated the cattery and each cat has access to a large sized triple or double pen at NO extra charge.Whilst they do not have access to an outdoor enclosure several rooms have views outside and fresh air.
Large Cat Pen

$30.00 per day

Please note these prices are subject to change without notice.


Cats are solitary animals, new environments may cause them temporary stress. It may take 2 or 3 days to settle into the cattery, this is perfectly normal.

They may not eat much during the first few days. If your cat has not started eating by the afternoon of the second day we will administer nutrigel – a paste high in vitamins & Minerals. It also contains an appetite stimulant. We find Nutrigel generally works for all cats.

Please bring in your cats own bedding, toys or what you feel would make them more settled. ​

Please make sure all personal belongings are clearly labelled.

We will entice your cat with a selection different foods to encourage them to start eating. ​


Sleeping Arrangements

  • All cats have access to large air conditioned pens. 
  • We supply bowls and bedding along with food and a littler tray.
  • Cats from the same family are able to board together.

What to Bring


We supply all bedding, but if you want tot bring in your cats own bed you are welcome to.  Please make sure it is clearly labelled.


You are welcome to bring soft toys or chew toys.

Please make sure it is clearly labelled.  Please note we cannot be responsible if the toy is lost or damaged.

Carry Cage

  • Your cat must arrive secured in a carry cage
  • This carry cage must be in good condition
  • We require the carry cage to be left with your cat during its stay
  • Please clearly label the carry cage
  • We will not accept a cat without a carry cage.

Why are we strict on Carry Cages – All animals must be able to be securely transported in the event of an emergency.  We will also use them if we need to take the cat to the vet.


Our staff are competent in administering medication. We do not charge extra to give your pet medicine.

If your cat is on medication, we must know the following:

  • Medication Name
  • Dosage required
  • How you administer it at home
  • Prescribing vet Reason for medication (contagious illness we will not board your pet)
  • Times you administer the medication


Please make sure medication comes in original packaging, with a few extra tablets than what is needed.



Dinner Time

 We feed the cats twice a day.

In the morning we provide fresh dry food. In the afternoon we provide wet food.

We fed the cats Blackhawk dry food and Whiskas varieties

If your cat has a special diet, or any allergies you will need to provide it – providing food does not decrease boarding cost.


We prefer to use your own vet if necessary. If we are unable to get an appointment with your own vet we have agreements with several Bendigo Vets who will see your pet.

Please note you are responsible to pay for all vet costs whilst your animal boards with us including the cost of staff time and transportation.

We will always communicate with you if your animal needs a vet. However ultimately it is our decision whether we believe they need medical assistance.


At Bendigo Pet Retreat our vaccination requirements are strictly adhered to at all times. This policy is for the health and safety of all our boarders. We will not board ANY animal that has not presented with a current vaccination certificate when booking..

All updated vaccinations must be given 2 weeks before boarding or the animal will not be admitted. To avoid disappointment, please ensure your pet is fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to check in.

Kittens (under 12 months)

  • Your kitten must have at least 2 lots of vaccinations
  • Administered at least 4 weeks prior to boarding
  • The vaccinations required are F3 or our preferred F4

Cats (12 months or over)

  • Your adult cat MUST have a F3 or our preferred F4 vaccination
  • Administered within the last 12 months
  • Boosters administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

Flea & Worming

  • All pets MUST be wormed and treated for fleas before boarding.